What is a Baby Sprinkle Shower? How To Throw a Baby Sprinkle Shower?

What is a Baby Sprinkle Shower?  How To Throw a Baby Sprinkle Shower?

Baby Sprinkle Showers in Scranton PA

A Baby Sprinkle is similar to a regular Baby Shower but smaller and less involved. A Sprinkle is typically used to commemorate the arrival of a second or third child for people who do not have the time or means to organize a traditional Baby Shower.

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    What is a Baby Sprinkle

    A Baby Sprinkle Shower is like a mini baby shower. it is for people welcoming their second and third child or people on a tight budget or people that wish to honor the coming of their child but on a smaller scale than a Baby Shower. The point of a Baby Sprinkle is the same as a Baby Shower, to celebrate the hard work Mom has done with her pregnancy and to welcome the new child into the family.

    What happens at a baby sprinkle?

    A Sprinkle party is just like a Baby Shower except smaller. With that in mind, a Baby Sprinkle has all the fun and memorable activities as a Baby Shower. Encourage yourself to be creative. Sprinkles can be fancy with catered meals and pre-planned guests for entertainment. Sprinkles can also be small with just a few dear friends and relatives where sandwiches and chips are perfectly acceptable.

    What Gifts Should I Give At A Baby Sprinkle

    A Baby Sprinkle is celebrating the second and third children and so the gifts are going to be different. Mom already has all the basics a newborn could need. The best gifts to bring Mom at a Sprinkle are going to be more fun and things Mom wants and needs. It is a great idea to contact the Hostess of the Sprinkle you are going to attend and ask what Mom would like or if Mom has a gift registry. A guiding thought for gifts is to remember these are gifts for a Mom that already has kids. Giving her something like a weekend spa or a free babysitting certificate goes a long way to making Mom-t- be happy!

    Sprinkle shower vs Baby Shower

    • A Sprinkle Shower and a Baby Shower both celebrate a newborn child. Honoring Mom and welcoming the new Baby is the same for both. However, there are a lot of big differences I’ve listed below to guide you in you Baby Sprinkle planning
    • it is is planned for Mom’s second and third child. In many cases, a Sprinkle can also be thrown to welcome a child that is born many years after Mom’s first. A baby shower is typically planned for a new Mom-to-be.
    • it is usually much smaller than a baby shower. There is less cost and planning.
    • The games and gifts tend to be much diff’erent between the two because a Sprinkle is for Mom’s additional children.
    • The size of a Baby Sprinkle is generally more intimate and small with much fewer guests. Whereas at a baby shower you will see a much grander celebration for Mom’s first baby.
    • When planning a Baby Sprinkle, the cost of the event tends to be much lower. The time needed to decorate and shop is also much less.. Conversely, a regular baby shower, depending on the budget, time, planning and guests is higher by a lot.
    • Gifts expectations at a Baby Sprinkle are more practical and usually involve what Mom would like for herself and less about what her baby needs. Baby shower gifts are centered around helping Mom get set up for her first born child.=


    When Is a baby sprinkle appropriately?

    A Baby Sprinkle is always appropriate and welcomed! Feel free to Host a Baby Sprinkle for your loved one, you can’t go wrong.

    Is a Baby Sprinkle a second baby shower?

    No. A Baby Sprinkle is for second and third children. It is also to celebrate a child that is born many years after their siblings

    When should I Host my Baby Sprinkle?

    Baby Sprinkles by their nature are much more relaxed and the rules are not set in stone. A Baby Sprinkle celebrates Mom’s second and third child, so it is always a good idea to ask Mom when it is best for HER. She will enjoy the celebration much more if she can plan her other children and life around the momentous occasion

    Baby sprinkle etiquette

    What should I expect when I go to a Baby Sprinkle?

    The etiquette at a Baby Sprinkle is laid back and relaxed. Every Hostess will have an idea of the party layout, however, what you will experience is closer to a summer BBQ and less like a Wedding Party.

    Can I bring my own kids to a Baby Sprinkle?

    Check with the Hostess, but generally, yes. Because of the nature of a Sprinkle, there are going to be other children in the house.

    Is there a specific dress code?

    Much like a traditional baby shower, the dress is typically dependent on the party planner. You know your friend or loved one, dress according to their preference. If you have a Hostess planning the Sprinkle, it’s best to coordinate with them.

    Do I have to bring a gift?

    Gifts for Sprinkles are more often for the second and third child. Mom would appreciate a day spa certificate or some books for her older children, or even make your own certificate that gives her a date night with Dad or her friends and you will babysit for free! Sprinkles are much more relaxed, but the sentiment and wishes are the same. Let this guide you when you are trying to decide what to bring as a gift!

    A Baby Sprinkle Shower is special because it celebrates a new life. It is different from a traditional shower because it isn’t as time and money intensive. When you are deciding what kind of Sprinkle to Host or whether to Host one at all, the best advice we can give is to remember Mom-to-be will remember and cherish this shower for the rest of her life. The celebration of a new child is wonderful and important no matter the size or timing! Plan with love and joy!