3 Thanksgiving Party Ideas Brought to You by Cooper’s Catering

3 Thanksgiving Party Ideas Brought to You by Cooper’s Catering

The smell of pumpkin spice and the sight of crimson leaves signal fall is in the air. If you’re already thinking ahead to fresh turkey and sweet cranberry muffins for Thanksgiving dinner, then Cooper’s Catering can help you get started. Everyone loves a delicious holiday meal, and at Cooper’s Catering, we can help you come up with some fabulous Thanksgiving party ideas for the upcoming season. We offer only the finest in holiday catering services at Cooper’s Catering, and our positive customer feedback proves it. Our favorite Thanksgiving party ideas are sure to leave your guests smiling, so this Thanksgiving, let us help you with the work.


There’s no better time to get your home cleared of clutter than before a big party. Get a cool turkey tablecloth, change up the window curtains and look for some cute dishware. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but make it creative so that your guests feel welcome when they arrive. If you’re short on space, consider putting away unnecessary pieces of furniture to make more room. Spice up the ambiance by adding some decor to the front of the house or on the front door. Pine cones and cornucopias add a festive holiday touch. Cooper’s  Catering offers Thanksgiving meal catering, so in a pinch you can always call on us to provide some delicious holiday food for your holiday party.



Especially for families that have small children, Thanksgiving can be a fun time to make crazy hats for everyone to wear. You can find inexpensive hats at local dollar stores and even make some out of construction paper or poster board. You can add fabrics, sequins, and feathers. Get creative and offer a prize for the most creative hat. You can even pass a hat around the table and have everyone place snippets of paper in it that have their “most thankful” thoughts on them. At Cooper’s Catering, we know that your guests will be thankful just being at your party.


It’s one of the funniest events you could have at a Thanksgiving party, and it’s amazingly simple to put together because you only need some pumpkins.  You can use some some sturdy sticks as well. Designate your pumpkin racers and then make a start and finish line. You don’t need to get fancy. Get your racers to line up so that the pumpkins are on their sides. On the count of three, have your racers use their hands, or sticks to roll their pumpkins to the finish line. The trick is to keep the pumpkins on their sides for the entire race. As a tip, use medium sized pumpkins, and make sure you give yourself plenty of room for this activity.

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