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The Tripp House

Cooper’s Catering is proud to work with The Tripp House for bridal showers, engagement parties, REHEARSAL dinners, wedding receptions and private parties.


The Tripp House is Lackawanna County’s Oldest Home a Federal house built by early New England settlers.  It has been described by the National Heritage Corporation as, “more than any building in Scranton, an expression of the City’s history. Few houses outside the metropolitan areas of the Eastern seaboard posses so many of the finest characteristics of the period.”

The Grounds

The tripp House

The Main Roomth_main_room1_fs1

Situated on the left of the Foyer, the Main Dining Room, with six round tables for eight, comfortably seats 48 guests.

A beautiful double marble fireplace graces the wall between two archways that lead into the adjoining Smoking Room.

The Smoking Room, as it is traditionally referred to, although smoking is no longer permitted in the Tripp House, is on the left of the Foyer and can be set up as an extension of the Main Dining Room for larger parties or events.


th_foyer_fs1The Foyer

The Foyer, with Victorian embellishments and a beautiful staircase, offers guests their first glimpse of the Tripp House’s elegant, historical, atmosphere. The centrally situated Foyer offers access to all the rooms of this gracious home-like setting.




th_reception1_fs1The Reception Room

The Reception Room, on the right of the Foyer, has a set of windows overlooking the front porch and a beautiful marble fireplace. Two separate doorways into the Sunroom, which is often set up as the Bar, offer guests easy circulation.




th_dining_room0_fs1The Dining Room  

The Dining Room, with access from both the Reception Room and the Foyer, is often set up for buffet dining.

th_sun_room_fs1The Sunroom

The Sunroom, with two walls of tall windows, is situated off the Reception Room and is often set up as the Bar.




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